About His Armor

His Armor In-Person Training was developed with a vision to offer valuable Active Response Training by a group of professionals with multiple years of experience and expertise. His Armor will give faith-based organizations the necessary tools to help prepare staff and volunteers for potential acts of violence. The 5 F’s training will help equip your team with knowledge and ability to recognize and react to incidents that may occur within the walls of your organization.

Nehemiah 4:9 But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat (NIV)


"You armed me with strength for battle; you humbled my adversaries before me."(Psalm 18:39) (NIV)

In an active killer situation, one can no longer wait for a police or sheriff's office response to immediately stop the horror of the situation. Whether we like it or not, the burden of safety and survival becomes a personal obligation. You are THE first responder if you are present during the initial stage of an active killer incident. Acquiring and maintaining a survival mindset consisting of awareness, preparation, and rehearsal is necessary to increase your chances of surviving such an encounter.


FAITH: 1 Corinthians 16:13 “Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong.

FLEE: Have an escape route and plan in mind.

FORTIFY: Lock doors, block entry to area of cover.

FREEZE: Hide out of the view of perpetrator. Know the difference between cover and concealment.

FIGHT: As a last resort and only when life is in imminent danger.

Self-Defense Training

His Armor offers courses that are designed specifically to train your faith-based staff members and volunteers. When it comes to faith-based security, there is no such thing as one size fits all. His Armor will tailor a self-defense training plan to prepare your staff and volunteers and to help create a safer environment within your organization.

Emergency Medical Response

Emergency medical response to an active killer situation or any medical episode is a very important key to saving lives. His Armor will help your team members understand beneficial techniques that can be utilized during emergency medical situations and will train you “how to survive once you have survived”.

Force on Force Training

His Armor offers realistic scenario-based training that simulates the stress experienced in real world violence. This training will help your teams respond more efficiently to a violent encounter.

Sexual Abuse Awareness

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training is key to equipping staff members and volunteers to better understand the risk of child sexual abuse. Most faith-based organizations do not want to face the reality of sexual abuse. So many choose to remain uneducated. To better protect our children, we must realize that the problem is very real and continues to be a growing problem. His Armor will conduct an in-person training session to help your organization implement preventative measures.

Building Assessment

Criminals, terrorists, and others who wish to inflict harm upon innocent people consider faith-based organizations "soft targets". Most churches do not have security screening procedures to protect them like airports or courthouse provide. His Armor will conduct an assessment and recommend changes so faith-based organizations are intentional in their response to security.

Emergency Response Plan

His Armor will assist your staff in preparing an emergency response plan. A well-developed emergency plan is a proactive approach to disaster that will move your faith-based organization toward empowerment, resiliency, and self-reliance.

His Armor Members

Meet the Team


Captain Jon Winkel is a 35-year veteran of the Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Fire Department. He has overseen multiple fire and rescue efforts, in his own community and in various locations as a member of the Iowa Urban Search and Rescue Team. Jon proudly served as a member of the United States Air Force and as a Magistrate in Woodbury County. He was a successful CEO at Longlines LTD in Sergeant Bluff. He served for 20 years on the Woodbury County Sheriff's SWAT team as a Tactical Medic and is also a Plans and Rescue Team Manager and a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor. Jon is currently the mayor of Sergeant Bluff, Iowa. He has extensive and specialized training in multiple areas and uses his leadership, knowledge, and experience to assist faith-based organizations develop effective solutions to prepare for emergency situations. Most importantly, as a Lay Minister, Jon has a firm belief in God and credits his wife Nan for keeping him well grounded in his faith walk.


Lieutenant Don Armstrong has more than 33 years of service with the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office. He has held various supervisory and command level positions including SWAT Team, Emergency Management, Investigations, Jail, Courthouse Security, Transportation, Civil, Reserves, Community Policing, and Patrol. He currently oversees Patrol and Reserves and is the SWAT Team Commander. Don is also a certified instructor in Firearms, Subgun Rifle, Simmunition (Force on Force), NRA Pistol and Rifle, and PPCT Self-Defense. He has also completed basic, advanced, and command levels of SWAT training, tactical operations in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Hazard Materials Technician and Explosive Recognition. He formerly was Lead Firearms Instructor at the Western Iowa Tech Police Academy. Don has a strong belief in God and feels called to help faith-based organizations prepare for evil that exists in the world today.


Deputy Sage Lewis has been with the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office for 13 years. He is currently assigned to the patrol division and is an Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Certified Self-Defense Instructor. Sage was a member of the Woodbury County SWAT team for seven years. He has been training in the area of self-defense since he was a small child. He earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and his blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu. He also trains in boxing. At His Armor, Sage uses his years of training and experience to help others learn the art of self-defense.


Alex Thomas grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska, where she earned an associates degree from Northeast Community College. She obtained her Bachelor of Science - Biology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2011 and was employed as a conservation technician for a year. Soon after, she trained at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center and began working as a Conservation Officer. In 2013, she met her husband, Josh, and married in 2015. During her four-year career, she served as a defensive tactics instructor, certified in both PPCT and Krav Maga. In 2016, Alex felt God calling her into classroom teaching. She received her teaching degree through the Regents Alternative Pathway to Iowa Licensure and now teaches middle school science and art, high school biology, and yearbook at Siouxland Christian School. Alex’s passion for teaching extends into her self-defense training where she finds great joy in helping others gain confidence in their skills. Alex also leads youth group with her husband at their church, Holly Springs Bible Fellowship, and sits on the Advisory Board for the Missouri River Outdoor Expo. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family, kayaking, hiking, knitting, and doing puzzles.


Lisa Talbert was born and raised in Northwest Iowa. She completed her Bachelors of Science - Business Administration and a minor in Psychology at Morningside College in 2005 and entered the banking field. Shortly after obtaining her degree, she married her husband Luke. They have two beautiful children together, Haylie and Hannah. Lisa is a longtime volunteer with Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence as a Survivor Advocate. Lisa works directly with women in crisis situations as well as helps lead a bi-monthly support group. She also helps in the kid's club at her church, Morningside Assembly of God. In her free time, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, bible studies, working out, reading, and writing.


With 38 years to her credit in the medical field, Liz has accomplished many levels of education and training. As a registered nurse, she has specialties in the areas of post critical care, intensive care trauma/medical, emergency room, level 1 trauma, and 14 years as a flight nurse. She has instructed all levels of EMS programs at Western Iowa Tech Community College and is a clinical instructor for the nursing department at Briar Cliff College. Liz holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Prehospital Emergency Medicine. Liz has done master's work in Health Science and Administrative Studies and holds a Certificate in Forensic Nursing. She is a member of the disaster planning committee and a member of a tactical medical team with certification in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. Liz truly believes in the vision of His Armor to help educate and plan for “how to survive once you have survived”. These methods are simple, direct, and effective procedures that can help save lives.


Anthony is a 28-year veteran of Sergeant Bluff Fire Rescue, currently serving as Fire Chief. He holds certifications as a Firefighter 2, Driver Operator, Fire Inspector 1, and Fire Instructor 1 along with National Incident Management System levels 100, 200, 700, 300, and 400. Additionally, he is an EMT and holds numerous technical rescue certifications. He is a former member and Safety Officer of the Iowa Urban Search and Rescue Team and Woodbury County Emergency Services. Anthony has been a tactical medic for Woodbury County SWAT since 2008 and serves as a Reserve Deputy for the county. Anthony enjoys working with His Armor and believes in the mission to help faith-based organizations prepare.


Brent is a 20-year veteran with the Sergeant Bluff Fire and Rescue. He currently holds the rank of captain. Brent has earned multiple certifications including Fire Fighter 1, Fire Fighter 2, Incident Command, and Incident Safety. He is also a reserve sergeant with the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office and a reserve police officer with the Sergeant Bluff Police Department. Brent is very active in his church. He serves as president of the Administrative Board at the Sergeant Bluff Community United Methodist Church.


Sergeant Marinus C. Jorgensen Jr. has been employed by the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office for 18 years. Sergeant Jorgensen currently oversees jail division team 3 and assists with training for the Sheriff’s Office. Marinus has been certified as a defensive tactics instructor through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. He is also certified in law enforcement instruction through the FBI. He holds certifications with FEMA Emergency management and CDT asset protection. Marinus is part of the jail RISC team ( jail SWAT) and is a less lethal/chemical munitions instructor. Furthermore, Sergeant Jorgensen is currently a 5th Degree Master in Tae Kwon Do, a 12-time regional champion, 5-time national champion, 3-time international champion, and 1-time world champion in Tae Kwon Do. Master Jorgensen has trained thousands of men, women, and children in the art of Tae Kwon Do, not only for self-defense but as a true confidence builder and a way of life. His love for self-defense is only paled by his faith and dedication to his wife and three children. Marinus looks forward to working with His Armor to continue his passion in the greatest setting offered, the church and faith-based organizations. Sergeant Jorgensen feels that self-defense is not about having to use your skill set, it’s about knowing you can if called to do so.


Courthouse Security Officer Rocky DeWitt has been with the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office for four years. He was elected to the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors in 2016 and continues to serve. Rocky is a life-long firearms enthusiast and is a certified NRA and USCCA pistol instructor. He conducts monthly professional carry classes for those who are interested in obtaining weapon permits.


Justin Thompson has served with fire and emergency services since 1999 and has a background in Special Operations. In 2002, Justin joined Sioux City Fire Rescue as a Firefighter/EMT. His current position is Truck One Driver/Operator and he also serves as a Technical Rescue Team member. As a member of SCFR Rescue Task Force, Justin trains with the Sioux City Police Department and Woodbury County Sheriff's Office for Active Shooter situation. Justin is certified as a Structural Collapse Technician, Swift Water Technician, and in Wide Area Search with Iowa Task Force-1 Urban Search and Rescue. Prior to his employment with Sioux City Fire Rescue, Justin spent three years as a Reserve Police Officer and a volunteer firefighter/EMT. Justin pursues his love of wrestling as an Assistant High School Wrestling coach as Sergeant Bluff-Luton.


Don't just take our word for it.

Gene Stockton - Lead Pastor of Heartland Church

"Jon & Don came to Heartland to conduct active shooter training last fall. Jon even came and evaluated our facility prior to the training. He made a list of security vulnerabilities and suggested solutions. It was noticeable from the outset that these guys are men of faith and they have a heart for the local church. They are will-informed, highly experienced, practical and very engaging. Besides the comprehensive active shoot training, they made security recommendations specific to our building. I couldn't have expected more than what these guys provided for us in the way of training and security recommendations. They come highly recommended from the people of Heartland Church."

Rev. J.F. Robertson, Sr. - Senior Pastor Mt. Zion Baptist Church

"I recently attended an active shooter seminar at my church. Like so many others, I believed that a church is a safe sanctuary. These gentlemen presented fact-based information that should alarm every church member. Whether the aggressive person's motive is terror, domestic abuse or mental illness, the class provided education on what to look for, what actions to take and how to keep safe during an active shooter situation. Being naive and passive doesn't stop a bullet. I would recommend this faith based program to minimize and divert danger."

Bill Claeys - Lead Pastor RiverzEdge Church

"One of my concerns as pastor is the continued safety of our members. In today's headlines, churches have been under assault by assailants perpetrating violence. As a result, we had our Security Team undergo training through your organization. The training included a safety evacuation plan, possibilities for security enhancements, probabilities for an active shooter, and a final safety assessment of our facility. Our team expressed that the training was professional, concise, and comprehensive. They have an increase awareness and confidence to keep our church safe."

Jean Thomas - Lead Teacher, Siouxland Christian School

"I would recommend His Armor to every organization who realizes the violent times we live in today. The leaders of His Armor will give you directions, guidance, and defensive tips to prepare yourself if the unspeakable happens. They will inspect your organization to point out the dangerous areas as well as places for shelter or escape. I have been enlightened by their seminar and hope that if I am ever in a situation of violence, that I will respond to be able to help others because of the training I have received. I encourage others to call the team of His Armor to set up a training session to make your environment a safer place to be."

Bill Yanney - Lead Pastor Family Worship Center

"His Armor ministry did an outstanding job in our church to prepare our security team, ushers and other volunteers on what to do in case of a crisis situation such as an active shooter entering our facility. They gave excellent and thorough teaching on why a church must be aware and how to prepare for such a crisis. Also, their presentation showed a genuine reverence for the house of God and love for His people. We were especially appreciative of the hands-on training on different tactics an average church member can do to actually impede an active shooter, rather than simply doing nothing. They also have excellent training on important, practical measures a church should take to prevent sexual offenders from being able to take advantage of those in your congregation. I would whole heartedly recommend that every church have this training!"

Edgar Rodriguez - Pastor of New Hope Church

"As a pastor, I use to worry about how to keep our congregation safe from outside threats that seem to have become perpetual in our society. His Armor ministry does an outstanding job preparing churches to protect the flock from unexpected violence. Their training uncovers the unsettling reality of mass shootings carried out in churches and other gathering places by examining real-life attacks from across the country. Their presentation helps churches of all sizes to overcome security challenges with a comprehensive security checklist and assist church members to prepare and develop an emergency operation plan to prevent, respond to, and deal with a potential active shooter in the premises. I came out of the course feeling confident that our church would be ready for any unexpected and unforeseen encounters with outside threats and create a safe place for our flock to worship in."

More About Us

Jon and Don feel that His Armor is a ministry. God has given them a heart to utilize multiple years of training and experience to help faith-based organizations prepare. For this reason, His Armor does not have a set fee. His Armor recognizes that most faith-based organizations operate on a limited budget. His Armor will work with each organization to negotiate reasonable payment.

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